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Fate In 13 - Chapter 2
--------------------------------------- 2.0
Sound of porcelain rattled as Bob was pouring up warm tea, that spread a delightful smell of wild flowers in the room. "So Alfred was the one that tried to kill you?" Madame Rozengarden sighed deeply, grieving over the news. "I have taken care of him since he was a young boy. Always so serious and hard working. Bit lonely at times but always kind."
It was obvious it shook Rozengarden, whose hand was shaking as she lift her cup of tea. "I'm sorry to tell you about it." Bob said as she sat down in front of Rozengarden. "But you need to know about it."
 "Oh, I'm grateful about it Miss Bob. Still hearing such thing is beyond anything I could ever imagine." Rozengarden shook her head, sipping from the cup. "He was always a bit special, but I did never expect him to do something like this, never."
Gently did Bob put her hand over Rozengarden, not saying anything, just listening as the old woman talked her heart out. Sometimes did you need to t
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 2 3
Fate In 13 - Side Chapter - Alfred
With a painful grasp for air did Alfred slowly walk through the secret door, well hidden behind shelves in a little bookstore. His left arm hanged limb at his side, barely able to hold the short spear. His hand held around his arm that had been severely wounded from the fight with Bob. Slowly did he move down the stairs, leaning against the cold walls of stone when his strength was wavering. Yet sheer stubbornness made him continue with his heavy steps far down under the city. 
It was a large room, filled with ancient weapons and armors; rows of spears covered one wall, all forming a circle with all points aimed at the center, where a black symbol of a scorpion was visible. Braziers was burning in the corners of the room, throwing shadows around. Twisting and turning in the darkness. In front of the walls of spears, was a man sitting on his legs, resting his hands on his knees. Dark cloths covered a thin body, with long white hair framing a face that was thin, almost famine lookin
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 2 6
Fate In 13 - Bob Gonna Rock by LanokirX Fate In 13 - Bob Gonna Rock :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 8 5 Fate In 13 - Bob in Action by LanokirX Fate In 13 - Bob in Action :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 15 7 Fate In 13 - Characters 1 by LanokirX Fate In 13 - Characters 1 :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 12 7
Fate In 13 - Chapter 1
------------------------ 1:1
There it was again.
The endless black ocean and white sky. Or was the sky black and the ocean white? It was such baffling concept and hard to grasp in this endless space. Bob didn't know, in this time and space was it hard to think. It was like she was torn between the darkness and the light, she would sink into the black or the white and feeling like she drowned. Only in between would she feel calm, but as her mind wondered to the events that played through her mind, would the balance shake.
The rage and hatred of Truckz. The love and care of Norah. The fear and terror of Jams and Largo. The understanding and respect of Janish. 
Human emotions that flickered between such different souls, the opposite of each other and that would make them whole. As Bob tried to feel them, would she sink in to black and white, panic and pain resurface until her mind became clear and calm; only then would the pain leave. 
When she found a balance of her emot
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 2 6
Fate In 13 - Characters - WIP by LanokirX Fate In 13 - Characters - WIP :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 6 6 :C: Horror Movie Night by LanokirX :C: Horror Movie Night :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 15 8
Fate In 13 - Prologue - Part 2

After a quick check up from Janish, was Norah instantly up and walking; even if the doctor and father wanted her to rest, didn't Norah listen on that. Instead was she quickly active, helping sure Jams was doing well and that Bob got her rest. Norah had the kindness to always put others need and well-being before her own, something that is rare and can easily be abused by others.
 "She is a strong woman." Bob smiled as Norah vanished, followed by an over-bearing father that wanted her to rest. Jams that had been quiet for all this time looked at her. "Strong? I'm stronger than her." He said and Bob shook her head.
 "In muscles maybe. But strength is more than that Jams. Her commitment, her care, her will, it's all strengths. Empathy, love and understanding is strengths. Norah have it all." Bob explained, seeing Jams face brittle a bit to a smile. "You... you're
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 3 9
Fate In 13 - Prologue - Part 1

It was like an ocean of darkness and light. Nothing seemed to exist there, except her thin body floating in nothingness that seemingly switched between stark white and dark matter. Whenever she tried to move, would dark and white strings pull her down. If she tried to take a deep breath, would they crush her chest. Her body, her mind, her senses, all hurt. Her entire existence was painful, a struggle to just exist. But why?
Why try so hard? 
There is no memories of who she was. If she tried to remember, would the pain become unbearable like the black and white matter would break through her skull. It was less pain in not remember at all. Though she wasn't completely alone. With time would she hear voices. Far distance and words she couldn't comprehend and understand. Yet it was so soothing to hear, as it gave her a feeling of not being completely alone. Though it also hurt her as she tried to find the so
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 3 8
DEG - CH3 Veritas
The school's headmaster stared out through the window with her only eye, following Berry and Nino when walking along the schoolyard and met LUMI. A judging and critical gaze, sharp like a sword. A light swishing sound was heard when the door opened and the lanky receptionist stepped in. The handsome face was rigid with steel-like eyes behind his glasses.
   "What did you get for mental picture of them, Durand?" Elizabeth did not even turn around to know that the silent steps were from the secretary. Neatly he held up a block of paper with an ink pen, something unusual in today's cybernetic society. "The boy, Berry King, is sentimental and weak. He has a good head but unstable emotions rule his mind."
   "A typical King then." Said the headmaster while Durand nodded. "And the girl, Nino Garnet. I saw nothing, just a bright light." The steady voice had suddenly begun to tremble, and it surprised Elizabeth. She knew Durand well, and she knew there wasn't e
:iconlanokirx:LanokirX 3 2
:G: FEAR 3 - Ver 2 by LanokirX :G: FEAR 3 - Ver 2 :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 5 4 :G: FEAR 3 - Version 1 by LanokirX :G: FEAR 3 - Version 1 :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 4 4 :G: Resident Evil 7 by LanokirX :G: Resident Evil 7 :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 11 12 :C: Dishonored by LanokirX :C: Dishonored :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 5 4 :C: FEAR 2 - Project Origin by LanokirX :C: FEAR 2 - Project Origin :iconlanokirx:LanokirX 4 5

:C: - Commission I taken from an amazing artist!
:G: - Gift from an amazing friend!
:AT: - Art Trade I done with great artists!
:Co: - Collaboration with awesome artists!

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LanokirX; Main channel, about games and playing.
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Type; Sci-fi
Format; Fiction
A project started over a year ago, a story that will follow the unlikely heroine Nino Garnet through her adventures in the world.

A future based world, where you can find mechs, monsters and supernatural powers in one hardboiled mix!


Type; Sport/Slice of life
Format; Fiction
A new project, following a group of women that forms a Ghostball team, in their way to change themselves and become a great team!


Type; Post-Apocalyptic
Format; Fiction
The earth have been nearly destroyed by a meteor rain, and the radioactivity that came there after. The story follow a young Digger and his friend, a Waste Worker, as they try to survive the harsh underground they live in, as well the darkness within their hearts.

Project C

Type; Fantasy
Format; Fiction/Story pics
Started as a random thought, and here it is now; based in a fantasy world with mages, knights and monsters, where adventure lurks in the corner, as well passionate romances ~


Type; Sci-fi
Format; Fiction/Story pics
A story based about a girl that have no memories and mechanical arms. With the help of detective Daybreak does she try to figure out her existence as well whats happening in the world.

Juggernaut Girls/SWEET

Type; Sci-fi
Format; Fiction/Story pics
An odd story about a unicorns death and the birth of a girl that was made out of a tank!

Original Characters

Bleach - The Lanoverse

My Alternative Universe

Been working on my own Bleach AU for a while, however will I not finish it duo lack of interest, time and money. However, all characters will be left and will be worked on now and then as a side-project!


Captain-Commander - Kenpachi Tekken
Vice-Commander - Aichi Ryusei
D1 C - Hoshidukiyo Mokinmaru [AlbinoEisbaer]
D1 Lt - Amagaeru Kiba
D2 C - Nakajima Kujira
D2 Lt - Himawari Eri [AlbinoEisbaer]
D3 C - Asamoya Zabuza
D3 Lt - Sagaru Hanabie
D4 C - Hanami Sakura
D4 Lt - Himawari Nobara
D5 C - Bachiatari Raptor
D5 Lt - Furugane Kaki
D6 C - Kuchiki Haku
D6 Lt - Volchitsa Smirnoff [MyangHime]
D7 C - Hagawa Miyabi [MyangHime]
D7 Lt - Sasagawa Minorin [MyangHime]
D8 C - Nanami Yuriye [AlbinoEisbaer]
D8 Lt - Nanami Shion [AlbinoEisbaer]
D9 C - Hanawa Yuki
D9 Lt - Butoukai Bob
D10 C - Samuke Sonja
D10 Lt - Karen [Jusace]
D11 C - Hagawa Hana
D11 Lt - Butoukai John
D12 C - Nakahara Eiichi [AlbinoEisbaer]
D12 Lt - Butoukai Tiger
D13 C - Sujihime Saoko
D13 Lt - Hagawa Shinta [MyangHime]
Omnitsukido C - Yamibuki Yorumei
Omnitsukido Lt - Butoukai Roy
Kido Corp Commander - Hoshidukiyo Hisakata [AlbinoEisbaer]
Kido Corp Second - Hung Lanfen
S.R.D.I Captain - Ekitai Aburako/Kiyomizu Umiko [AlbinoEisbaer]
S.R.D.I Lieutenant - Butoukai Cole
Royal Division C - Hagawa Hisame
Royal Division Lt - Sasagawa Kaitou

Del Rey, the king Bartiomel Baltimore
0 - Etenia Dyami [AlbinoEisbaer]
1 - Z-D
2 - Neziah [AlbinoEisbaer]
3 - Iskera De Pruina
4 - Blackfish the Espada
5 -
6 - Kuzame Ripperjaw
7 - Desolace Grimoire
8 - Keifer Cel
9 - Dom Dom P Teur

Antares/Arana [Nr 99, serving Bartiomel] [AlbinoEisbaer]
Whale The Guardian [Nr 125, serving Neziah]
Vulocris [Nr 14, serving ]

Lanchios, former Primera and Cero, assumed dead.
Balkan, former Primera, assumed dead.
Zorro Devega, former Quatro, assumed dead.
Bon Bon, former Nueve, assumed dead.
Orcinus the Orca, drifter, former Primera.


Hagawa Gen
Hagawa Suijin
Hagawa Tengu
Hagawa Saisho
Yagyuu 'Black Star' Sasuke
Nagoyaka Yasamura
Amiki Mashin
Meikaze Kamimura

Yamabuchi Chourei
Yagyuu Reigen
Meduza Adelita

Cause Stamps Are Cool



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Hello people from near and far!

¤ I'm LanokirX, also known as Lanokir or just Lano on dA and other sites. ¤
¤ I'm a n00b artist, that can't draw if so my life depended on it! ¤
¤ Instead I'm more of a writer and project creator. ¤
¤ Crazy, supportive and nice. Trying at least! ¤
¤ Love to take commissions too, so prepare for see amazing artz!¤

~¤ Active Projects ¤~
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- Degeneration
- Bleach AU
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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 13, 2017, 3:01 AM

Just want to show that I still take on artist promotion, where I showcase artists arts in some of my videos! All of this is for free, I simply want to help and share your art, as I know so many struggles to get seen. >u<

For anyone that is interested, can apply here on my reddit page -…

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