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"Such pathetic bunch of players, and you call yourself a Ghostball team?"

All turned their heads to the door that was opened up violently. It was like smoke from hell emitted around the obvious female body and heat hit their faces. With heavy steps did the woman walk into the room and they got a better view of her. 
Average height with redbrown long hair, a fierce expression in a beautiful face, a woman in her 30's with a thick yellow shirt and jeans, that obvious showed a woman in the middle of pregnancy. Though that was hardly in focus with such demonic entree.
"I have never seen such a bad team in my entire life!" She said with heat and hands on her hips, her voice was very harsh and had an obvious russian dialect to it. Golden eyes like a wolf that looked at them all as pray, and she was to unleash a series of sharp words against the surprised team. Until Bob suddenly hugged the woman from behind. "Iris-chan! What are YOU doing here!" Bob said and chuckled while Iris grunted angrily. "I'm here to make a team out of you. And let go of my breasts you cow!"
"Aww, stingy as always, and yet you end up with so adorable kids. And seems like you are getting another one ~"
"This is not about me or my kids!"
The serious atmosphere had taken the highway as things seemed to spawn out of control with Bob interference and Miyabi raised a hand carefully. "Excuse me, who are you and what are you going to help us with?" She asked polite and Iris finally got lose from Bob's boob-grip. That woman knew how to grip things. Clearing her throat did Iris step in front of Miyabi. "I'm Iris Smirnoff, and from today LANA Dragon's coach."
"Wooow, wait a moment, our coach?" Aurora frowned a bit and glanced at Iris. "I have never heard of you before, how is your merits about such things?" The other nodded, Aurora was as always spot on the case, just as waited from the lawyer in the team.
Iris snorted a bit. "Got a head on the shoulders I notice." she said and crossed her arms over the chest. "I'm Iris Smirnoff. Former Center in The Jackals and Wrecking Hurricanes under time as player. Won the NGA 2 times as a player, and 1 time as assisting coach in Wrecking Hurricanes. Was head-coach in Fallen Angels and Black Roses before I left Ghostball. To be recruited to this wrecked up team."
"She was soooo hot when she was playing attacker." Bob squealed. "That tight ass when she ran was just umpf!"
Nobara scrapped Bob's face from the wall while Iris continued. "So here I am, to shape you all up and form you to a decent team. I saw your first match on TV and it was horrible, you play like kids." She stated and Lillitu snarled menacingly. "Oi, you talk to much." She growled while Iris raised an eyebrow. "I am? If you can't handle it, then you know where door is. I don't want some weak girls that can't handle real Ghostball. It's serious and not a child game."
Lillitu grimaced and snorted. "Hmpf, I give you a chance then..."

"God, who does she think she is?" Akane said with a frustrated voice as Jusace sighed as well, as part of the team sat on a bench outside in the sun. "I... she seems so mean, saying so much stuff and all." Kasumi mumbled, she had been completely off since the dominatrix coach appeared. 
"I have meet mean coaches before, but this one take the price!" Akane continued, it was simply a frustration born from Iris calling out all their weakness and what they were bad at. Akane, and most people, didn't like that, hearing that she ran wrong, jumped like a dead frog or whatever. Not better since Iris had such colorful language, she sounded like some god forsaken pirate. 
Jusace shook her head, it was hard to not get into argue with Iris and yell back. Even calm people like Miyabi seemed to nearly snap. The only one that had a cool head about it was Bob that apparently knew Iris since before. 
"I'm... not sure if I can play if she going to shout at us like that." Miyabi said with hesitation. She would love to play more, just that it felt... negative with Iris shouting at them all the time. Yet Bob only laughed as she handed a can of soda to them all. "Don't sweat it. She is just like that. She is actually very insecure. You should have seen her at her wedding-day, never seen a woman so nervous as her." Bob chuckled while Aurora frowned. "Wedding-day, you know her that well?"
"Of course. I played against her before and she is married to my cousin."
"Ooooh..." They said in unison. No wonder Bob seemed so familiar with the woman. "She is stingy and all, but don't fray about it. She have extreme talent as a coach. If you listened to her, you would realize she read up all our weaknesses and strengths she could learn from just seeing us play one match."
They were silent and Akane snorted. "Still, she don't need to be a total bitch when telling it."
"Lillitu, you are a total bitch too."
".... No I'm not."
Bob just laughed as she split from the group. "Well, going to shop some dinner. See you girls tomorrow."
The other waved and said goodbyes. It had been a rather mixed day, with the match and the sudden appearance of the coach, they were all tired. 
"At least Bob-san doesn't need to both play and be coach. Must been hard on her." Miyabi said with a smile. "And I think we should give Iris-san a chance too. Like Mike-san and Ana-san done with us."
"I guess so." Akane grunted a bit and rolled her shoulders. "But see you tomorrow, I'm completely broken, need to sleep..."
So they all needed, to rest up. They needed to prepare for what to come.

Aurora was snoozing with her face down in the pillow; Nioto had crawled under the blanket and now sleeps between Aurora and Yuuren like a boss. It was all just so warm and cuddly, it was like her body was in heavy of pillows, just soothing her tired and soar muscles.
That was until the phone played a soft tune and woke her up, reminding her it was morning. "Yuuuureeeeeen...." She whimpered and the male grunted slightly. "Yea yea, I'll take it." Aurora smiled for herself as Yuuren left the warm bed, it was hers now! With Nioto did she crawl together and looked like a big caterpillar in the bed when Yuuren returned. "Oi, caterpillar, time to get out of the shell and become a beautiful butterfly." He sat in the bed and held the phone to his wife as she mumbled, what fool wanted to speak with her now? "Aurora here. Iris-san? How did you get my number?"
"I hacked the phone company network." The female replied in the phone. "Really?"
"Of course not you dimwitted bimbo. Your number is on the list I got from Ana. Get your truck-sized ass to the field, we are going away."
"Away, where?"
"To see a game."
"Okay okay... I'm getting there." Aurora ended the conversation and sighed as she sat up, rubbing her hands over her face. "I will be away today dear, think you will be okay?"
"Of course Hun. Is it the Ghostball thing?" He glanced at Aurora that stood up and stretched, nodding slightly as she yawned. "Yea..."
A she was going out did she look at the big floor mirror, and then at Yuuren. "Do... you think my butt is truck size?"

Meanwhile, on a bicycle that went back and forth over the road was Jusace trying to get from point A to point B. But now, her entire body cried of pain and stiff muscles and she soon fell of the bike with a shriek and curses. "How did it go Jusace-san?" Minorin that was rolling on her rollerblades stopped when she saw Jusace fall into the grass on the side of the road. "I just want to die. Tell Kyohei that I love him and he have to live on without me..." Jusace whimpered with dramatically voice and face down in the grass.
"You wan't me to call him, or just send an SMS?" Minorin asked with glee while Jusace wanted to strangle the girl for being so grossly full of energy after the match yesterday. Now, like most of the team, did Jus feel like she have been put into a barrel and rolled down a big hill. And yet Minorin had recovered in super speed. Ah, the energetic youth...
"Get up now auntie, time to go." The onion-head leaned downed and helped Jusace up that grumbled over being called auntie. Though now she felt like she was at least 80. It was just pure torture that Iris had called them all the day after their very first match. Torture!

One by one did the LANA Dragon appear in the small room dressing room that now worked as a little conference room. It was obviously to see how worn and tired all was, Miyabi herself had a hard time to keep her positive now. She just wanted to sleep.
"Wake up!" With a sharp voice, like from a gun, did Iris gain the focus of them all. Though not many happy eyes, as most of them would rather take it easy today. "What is this talk about watching a game? Can't we do that at home? On the TV?" Akane groaned and many other agreed.
"No, because this is a rare chance and I won't let it go because you spoiled girls want to have your beauty sleep." Iris said with her arms crossed over her chest. Being pregnant seemed not to stop her from giving orders like a general. 
"Can you at least tell us what game we going to see?" Miyabi asked tiredly, rubbing her eyes with her hands. The answer made her blink surprised though, when Iris said; "Wrecking Hurricans and Moon Artillery, first match of the NGA season." The coach looked at them while Bob grinned. "I got the tickets thanks for some friends in both teams ~" Iris glared at Bob. "Yes, thank you Bob, you wan't a cookie now?"
"I would rather want a kiss ~"
Iris grumbled while she looked at Miyabi and the others. "This is an important match, I wan't you all to look at both teams and their players, how they play and react on the field. Especially the roles you are playing, see it as a lesson." 

At first they thought it was just to watch at it at home, what was the difference really? But after a long bus drive and entering the huge arena, did Miyabi understand. The share pressure of sixty thousand people yelling and cheering, cameras to show the match nationwide and even international; it was huge. Miyabi looked at Bob, seeing the dark woman look at the field, seeing a hint of nostalgia in the golden eyes. To imagine Bob had been down there, was amazing. And one day, they could be there too.
Miyabi remembered the game yesterday, how nervous she was, the entire team was. And yet it was just barely 80 people seeing their match. This was a total different league, something huge. When the teams, Wrecking Hurricanes and Moon Artillery, entered the field, did they look so strong and confident. It was amazing to see. Miyabi remembered when she saw the short and cute Ea on their training match, now seeming to be so tall with her team-mates. And Jusace could only giggle of joy seeing Masako down there, in all eyes. Asuka, Masoko, Sakura. Layla, Sonja, Morelli and the rest of both teams stood in the middle; the two strongest teams of the Women NGA.
"See and learn girls, how it is to be and play as a real Ghostball player." Iris said with focus on the girls as well the match that was to start.
Chapter 17, finally! *Dies*

Presenting the Coach for LANA Dragons woho!

And next chapter will be showing of Wrecking Hurricanes VS Moon Artillery! :la:

Round 1 -…
Rules and Play with Ghostball! -…
And the uniform of LANA Dragons -…

Ghostball (C) :iconlanokir::iconmyanghime:
Miyabi, Minorin, Ana, Art (C) :iconmyanghime:
Aurora (C) :iconladyoftheseireitei:
Jusace (C) :iconjusace:
Eri, Lillitu, Eichi (C) :iconalbinoeisbaer:
Akane (C) :iconr0llercoazter:
Kasumi (C) :iconthe-dark-mia:
Bob, Kaku, Mike (C) :iconlanokir:

Yuuren, Masako (C) :iconpersephonica:
Morelli (C) :iconsnakes-on-a-plane:
Layla (C) :iconcrimson-agony:
Asuka (C) :iconjeanette-black:
Ea (C) :icondzouri:
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LanokirX Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Make her eat her words, girls~ >3
LanokirX Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's lucky Aurora was already dead tired and not able to run and punch at the moment. xD And yea, Iris have quite the... tongue lol. But yes, they gonna prove it to her! : >
MyangHime Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Nooow the real fun starts~ On the way to the professional players~! No moar child play or doing it as a 'hobbie' \o/
I'm lookin forward to see how the girls will evolve as players from now on, Miyabi also has alot to learn about the roles and responsabilities of being za captain, and the girls how to work as a real team ♥

Loved this chapter Lano-hun! And you know Irieviel so damn well~! At least lack of stamina won't be a problem for the team with her around *v*
LanokirX Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, that for sure, now it's for reals. xD

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Aww, really happy you think so <3 
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ChikaraRyoku Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
nice work Lan

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LanokirX Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thanks x3

Well, I think it depends on the situation and person, many things to think of in context before judging how someone acts : >
ChikaraRyoku Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
true, but there are better ways to act as a coach
being strict is good, but easing up while strict helps a lot
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